Choose Us For Roof Installation and Repairs!

When you are looking for an expert to help with roof installation or even repairs, all you have to do is reach out to Arrowhead Remodeling and Design Inc. When you choose us for roof installation and repair work, you are choosing a team that is happy to go over things like what to expect when replacing your roof. You are choosing to a team that wants the value of your home to increase. From shingle replacement to patching roofing, we offer everything that you could possibly need in one convenient place. This makes us the number one choice in Los Angeles for roof installation and repair services!

Choose Us For Roof Installation and Repairs!Shingle Replacement

Shingle Replacement is a service that we frequently provide. Shingles can be made from all sorts of materials, to include slate, wood, metal, composite material, plastic and more. Luckily for customers in the Los Angeles metro, our team is able to work with all of the different materials. Sometimes, shingles don’t need to be replaced at all, and a fix will do the job. Either way, it is dangerous to get up on top of a roof, and our experts are happy to help you out. We will know if a repair or replacement is the best way to go. Sometimes, if shingles are just cracked, a quick fix will do the job. We always strive to provide the most affordable option to our customers.

Roof Leak Repairs

When it comes to roof leak repairs, you need an expert that will do a thorough inspection. We can determine if there is any damage to caulking. We can make sure that any damaged caulking is removed. We know all about good flashing and the importance of providing barriers when needed. We are able to reseal joints and work with any type of roof, whether it happens to be a flat roof, shingle roof or something else. There are so many problems that can arise when it involves leaking, and you might notice that water is dripping into your attic. Let us help you to find the problem and fix it!

Patch Roof

If you are looking for a professional to patch your roof in or around Los Angeles, CA be sure to call Arrowhead Remodeling and Design Inc. We are able to seal any roof leaks that might be occurring, and we are able to patch holes and cracks. We can make sure that your roof remains in great shape.

Call Our Roofing Contractors

Our expert team of general contractors in the Los Angeles metro area are here to help you. So we hope that you will call our roofing contractors whenever you need repairs or installation services for your roof. We offer quality roofing solutions in this great part of California. If you are ready for a free consultation or even a price quote, simply dial our number. We are looking forward to providing you with affordable services that you can rely on

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